Bulk Search 1 Keyword In Multiple Cities

Enter 1 Keyword and Multiple Cities (up to 100)

Bulk Search 1 City For Multiple Keywords

Choose 1 City and search for many keywords (up to 100)

How to use the Bulk Search Feature?

Leadsopedia’s Bulk Search feature allows you to fetch a number of leads in an instant. Just input keywords, addresses, and other details you’d like to search for.

This advanced feature showcases the amount of data on our platform, no matter how broad or specific your search may be. We regularly update our contacts list and you can customize the search filters according to your needs.

Are there limitations?

We will only provide the data that we currently have on our system. Accessing and downloading these data are subject to regulations within your main dashboard.

The data you’ll be able to access may be limited to the current countries available. Stay tuned as we regularly update our data.

Will I get accurate results?

Yes, definitely! Our system is designed with advanced search filters so that our customers will get accurate results with each log-in.

It doesn’t matter if you want a broad or specific search. In Leadsopedia, we’ll provide the data that you need within seconds.

Experience the world-class service from Leadsopedia!

Wherever you are in the world and whatever industry you’re in, opportunities are endless with Leadsopedia!

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